Learning Consultancy Services

Our Learning Consultancy Services provide a unique and bespoke approach to bespoke e-learning solutions.  Woodrow Mercer are partnered with some of the top skilled names in the industry and offer tailored solutions which are both quality and cost effective for our clients.

Working in both the public and private sectors, our consultants have years of e-learning industry knowledge.  Their expertise and experience in industry means that they can present the best quality content for your business.

The areas our consultants can assist you with include:

  • Mobile Learning: understanding mobile development and how it can improve your business functionality
  • End - to - End Learning Solutions:  provide full service solutions for your clients and business needs  
  • Strategic Consultation & Analysis:  apply strategic thinking to business problems and analyse the businesses needs
  • Content Development Training & Design Courses:  learn new skills and develop a wider understanding of important areas of the business 
  • Blended Learning Solutions:  create a range of learning solutions for all types of learning for different employees
  • Project Management:  learn how to manage projects and employees more efficiently
  • Compliance & Regulatory Training:  ensure your business is compliant with regulations seen across all businesses industries
  • LMS & Learning Platform Consultation:  understand learning platforms to build wider business understanding
  • Management Skills Training:  ensure you take the right approach when it comes to training your employees

Our Partnerships

At Woodrow Mercer, we work with a group of talented individuals, who share their expert advice around e-learning careers to support us in creating the best solutions for our clients.

Whether you need a project manager, an e-learning designer or even someone who can run workshops on the latest technologies within your team, we can offer you the right solution!  Find out more about the key professionals we work with to find the best route for your business.

Contact our consultants on 0121 265 4445.

E-Learning Content Expert, Andy Moorman

Andy is an expert in creating e-learning content for consumer electronics brands and consumers, with past clients ranging from O2 to Microsoft to John Lewis.  With more than ten years in learning and development cross sector experience, Andy has a proven track record for providing exemplary service to a broad range of market leading UK and global businesses.  

E-Learning Designer, Viv Cole

Viv is an industry renowned designer of learning experiences, with over 15 years experience in instructional design.  Not only this, but his expertise reigns over international facilitation of interpersonal skills courses in over 10 countries, with a range of professional services and blue chip organisations.  

Viv is former training manager at Deloitte and has worked with many of the UK's leading e-learning companies including Unilever, Lloyds Bank, KPMG, Bupa and Squire Patton Boggs.

E-Learning Strategist, John Curran

John is a specialist in developing e-learning strategies for a wide range of well-known clients, delivering over 100 e-learning courses ranging from fire safety through to selling skills and management development.  As well as this, he also has extensive experience in online learning platforms and has himself developed a number of learning portals. 

Having worked with a wide variety of public and private sector organisations on developing in-house content and platforms, John has also focussed his time more recently on assisting external training providers to help develop their e-learning offer.  From the NHS to Toyota and GlaxoSmithKline, John's knowledge of the e-learning sector is vast. 

To find out more about how our specialists can help, contact our team on 0121 265 4445.​​


I am able to see the bigger picture and take care of the fine detail; this
approach delivers tangible and sustainable competitive advantages. I am well versed in
providing blended learning solutions, from technical product training to management
skills, and have worked with a range of clients, including retail, call centres and
distribution centres. I am able to help organisations with transitions by recognising and
implementing when change needs to happen.

Andy Moorman


I have been a Learning Technologies Awards judge 6 times and am an
expert in both face to face training and e-learning with a highly successful record of
developing and leading innovative blended solutions that drive performance change.

Viv Cole


Above all, I am passionate about learning and particularly how we can
make use of the latest web and mobile technologies to free learning from the confines of
the classroom. I can work with you to convert existing classroom courses in to effective
e-learning or I can advise on approaches, business models or platforms.

John Curran