Woodrow Mercer are ahead of the curve when it comes to technology with a recruiting team fully immersed in the latest trends and demands of the sector.

Woodrow Mercer’s Technology team is a hive of niche, focussed and technical savvy consultants who have embedded themselves in their respective markets.  Whether that be software specific or developer relative, all of our consultants work with businesses and candidates alike.  

We keep pace with this ever changing industry by proactively organising and attending industry events with our customers, blogging, networking, and most importantly, really understanding our candidate base.

What are Technology jobs?

The technology sector encompasses a wide variety of computer and IT focussed professions, ranging from software development to CMS development, programming and data-driven analysis positions.

Our Technology jobs offer a wide range range of opportunities for those within the IT industry and allow you to become specialised in one area of technology, such as a specific software developer or programming system, or allows you to learn a wide variety of skills that can be applied to a range of roles.

Who would suit a Technology role?

Technology roles are usually best suited to those who have strong backgrounds in science, IT or mathematics; however, recent growth sees more professionals having various backgrounds operating within the sector.

If you love details, data and patterns, a technology role os perfect for you.  Whether you are interested in code, developing or building websites, or programming systems, there is an element of technology that any personality would love.

You must be good at reading data, spotting those crucial patterns and identifying problems.  Being able to showcase these findings to your client or business you're working with is essential for them to understand the problems you find, or the changes you need to make.

Our Technology team conist of some of the UK's leading recruiters, covering the full IT project lifecycle to rarer markets such as WMS, Sitecore, Testing, Cyber Security, Channel and Sales recruitment.

Technology Consultants


Matt Drinkwater

Regional Director London

Matt is a co-founder and Regional Director of the London office, which opened in January 2014. As one of Woodrow Mercer's senior statesmen, Matt has been working exclusively within Testing recruitment since 2006. Outside of work you will most likely find Matt on the badminton court swatting away a shuttle or two, or following the trials and tribulations of his beloved Aston Villa. He is an eternal optimist!​


Dai Garrett

Associate Director

Dai joined the London office in September 2018 to set up a new Technology function: DevOps and Cloud. Dai has over 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry so is perfectly placed to set up our new department. Our aim is to enable companies and organisations the ability to deploy code faster with more frequent release, identify and fix errors sooner and build safe code. Ultimately, our objective is to help our clients build products which satisfy the needs and demands of their customers.


Anthony Speed

Senior Consultant

Anthony joined our Technology team in November 2017 and is based in our Birmingham Head Office. Anthony has over 10 years experience in both permanent and contract recruitment. He specialises in Testing roles including (but not limited to) developers in all key technology stacks, (.NET, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Oracle, Python and C++), Architects, Mobile, Developers in Test, QA, Software Testers, Agile consultants, Scrum Masters, Dev Ops, PM's, Business Analysts and Support.


Callum Crockett


Callum heads up our Cyber Security team and looks after both Sales and Technical roles and has an exceptional network of specialist candidates and clients. Callum is far more mature than his tender years would have you believe, and is a massive politics buff! Convinced that one day he will be a future Prime Minister, it’s Callum's unique self-belief that makes him so successful.


Jordan Key


One of our rising stars, Jordan works primarily within Technology and specialises in Front End UI Development recruitment, solely focusing on JavaScript and ReactJS. Until recently, Jordan was the team's only ‘genuine’ Londoner. Originating from Kent, he’s as close as you’ll find to a cockney accent within our London team.


Kaniska Perti

Candidate Consultant

Kaniska joined our London office in March 2018 and works alongside Natalie in the WMS market, unearthing the very best talent for our clients. She is the London office's 2nd genuine 'Londoner' and has lived in the capital for her whole life. Kaniska loves shopping , Instagram, movies and spending time with her family....and also admits to being a bit OCD.

Latest News

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Candidate Testimonials

In my opinion, Woodrow Mercer is the only adequate recruitment agency dealing with Sitecore currently on the market, with agents who do understand what both clients and candidates are actually looking for.  I have recently come across numerous zombie-agencies either working too inertly and passively or they were simply a useless bunch of CV-harvesters and time-wasters.  Asking a Sitecore expert whether he or she knows C# or can create pages with ASP.NET tells me that these people are miles away from understanding the platform and their internals - that should go without saying.

Unlikely, Damien from WM is drilled in Sitecore, constantly organising and sponsoring user groups, know plenty of useful hints and insights about the Sitecore scene.  So, I'd better keep working wit him!

Martin Miles

Sitecore MVP

As a contractor, I've had my fair share of terrible experiences with recruitment agents.  Pestering me constantly, fishing for leads, sending me totally inappropriate opportunities and just generally wasting my time.  Alex does none of these things.  She is utterly professional, courteous and does her job incredibly well and I have no intention in highly recommending Alex to anyone looking for a great recruiter.

Jason Georgiades

Sitecore Consultant

I felt that Damien listened to what I wanted and was a good go between employer and employee to help both parties get what they want.  I would work with him again.

Phil Gainely

Sitecore Architect

Few recruiters take the time to understand their clients, potential clients, the technologies that they cover and the detailed nature of the roles that they recruit for.  Alex understands her CMS and Sitecore niche extremely well and often attends related technical and marketing user groups.  She has a good feel for the level of the ability of potential candidates and as such can make sure that only suitable candidates are put forward for available roles.  She has built a good rapport with both clients and candidates and is well respected in the industry within which she operates.  I would definitely recommend Alex to any organisation seeking to fill a role or to any potential candidates.

Mobeen Anwar

Sitecore Consultant

When searching for a role, Damien helped me to secure a perfect match, by taking the time to understand what I was looking for and conversely what the client needed.  Damien took the time to understand what I was looking for and conversely what the client needed.  Damien took the time to understand the process and guide through it.  I would certainly recommend Damien to anyone looking for a new role, or looking to fill one.

Max Davies

Sitecore Developer