Woodrow Mercer understands the importance of learning and has a fantastic reputation as one of the leading learning recruiters, finding the best talent in the UK. 

Learning underpins the continuous improvement of social and economic well-being of businesses.  This philosophy is at the heart of everything we do, with both our candidates and customers, and we take pride in placing people who make genuine long term differences to businesses.

What is Learning & Development? 

Learning and Development is specifically focused around helping employees and businesses learn new skills, to keep them motivated and encourage them to be productive in a work environment.  Learning & Development professionals work to ensure that employees are getting the most out of their work and team, and developing their skills, whether these be generalist or specialists, to drive business performance.

What is it like to work as a Learning & Development professional?

The work involved in being a learning and development professional can be extremely varied, depending on what industry you're working in.  From training for fire safety across a range of businesses to mentoring programmes for business employees, your job will involve coaching the correct people to help them support their teams on a day to day basis.  Whether this be working on training a team to use a new software platform, or how to project manage, learning and development roles can vary.

Learning and development professionals focus on supporting, developing and accelerating learning in the workplace in order to build an agile and responsive professional organisation, with the capabilities they need to execute their goals.  

Our roles range across varied industries, ensuring that the learning of employees and the wider business is always evolving.

Would you suit a Learning & Development role? 

If you are passionate about progress, development and helping others, a career in learning and development may be for you.  The roles are all about encouraging employees within businesses to grow, as well as pushing the business to new limits.  Sound like you?  You can view our latest roles below.

Our Woodrow Mercer Learning team works with a range of different learning consultancies, sector leading consultancies, sector leading companies and innovative start-ups.  The team at Woodrow Mercer have a deep understanding of what makes a good Learning & Development consultant, Instructional Designer or Team Manager, and have turned that knowledge into superb service for our customers, by being genuine thought leaders within this market.

We host regular events for the Learning & Development and e-learning community.  This video gives you a snap shot of one of most recent events in Shoreditch.... 

We offer consultancy services to our clients for a range of e-learning jobs, to ensure that we offer the best experience and expertise to our clients.  Whether you need a new L&d manager or you're looking for a new role in industry, our team can help.  Find out more below.   

We are proud to be members of the eLearning Network.  Click here to find out more.  

Learning Consultants


Scott Slade

Director of Learning

Scott is the founder of our Learning division, with a deep rooted network across many corners of the Learning sector. Scott’s success comes from the thought he puts into his relationships and not being a yes man, rather opting to provide sensible and realistic advice to his customers and candidates.


Sam Dyde

Principal Consultant

Sam is one of our longest serving and experienced recruiters and focuses specifically on placing E-Learning professionals within contracting positions across the UK and Europe. A great character in the office and very popular due to his sense of humour and opinions on current affairs.   ​


Toby Poxton


Toby, a true traveller of the world, connected to four continents came to our Learning team via New York and uses his ability to see things from different perspectives to great effect. Toby is a fantastic rapport builder and understander of people, which is lending itself brilliantly to his role in delivery for our key customers.


Libby Evans

Recruitment Delivery Consultant

Libby is the youngest member of the Woodrow Mercer family, but by no means shows it. She has taken to the profession like a duck to water and has set great foundations to build on becoming a great recruiter. Focussing in the learning sphere, she builds excellent rapport with her candidates taking her time to understand both their experience and career aspirations in order to match them only to the most relevant roles.

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