Matt Drinkwater

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Matt is a co-founder and Regional Director of the London office, which opened in January 2014. As one of Woodrow Mercer's senior statesmen, Matt has been working exclusively within Testing recruitment since 2006.  Outside of work you will most likely find Matt on the badminton court swatting away a shuttle or two, or following the trials and tribulations of his beloved Aston Villa.  He is an eternal optimist!​

Matt says:

"It is incredible to see how the perception of Testers within IT has changed in the last 12 years.  Turn the clock back to 2006 and a Testers role was far from common place.  Often it would be seen as a luxury to have someone working specifically as a Tester.  Now, Testers are an integral part of the SDLC, often being paid the same or more than Developers.  The drive towards test automation continues to accelerate and the role of the SDET is seemingly changing the industry again." 


Typically, we cover the following disciplines within Testing:

Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs)

Automation Test Engineers

Performance Testers

Exploratory Testers

Heads of Testing/QA

Our primary area of expertise is within Automation and Performance.  As a commitment to the promotion of the Testing community, we sponsor MidsTest, a monthly event providing a platform for talks, presentations and workshops for Testers to get involved in.  We also host our own event called QA Babble.  In total, we have held 16 presentations and had over 300 attendees!  This is a great platform to showcase more industry news that directly affects the everyday life of a Tester.


Matt's Testimonials

Many recruitment agencies find it difficult to put their customers first and they recommend people too quickly.  This results in both unhappy recruiters and candidates.  I started working with Matt about 4 years ago, initially as a contractor and later recruiting staff for my own department.  While many things changed over the years, he remained constant in listening carefully to the requirements, offering only those people with relevant skills.  For me, this resulted in trust that I can outsource recruitment, allowing me to focus on our core activities.

Hans Snabilie,

IT Director, The PW Group​​

Having worked with Matt on both sides of the fence I can only say that Matt has delivered to an exceptional standard when I have asked for him to find me contractors at short notice and sometimes with a difficult spec to fill.  More recently, Matt has placed me in a contracting role and I have had the pleasure of confirming that he is as helpful and experienced at supporting the contractors he places and the managers he recruits for.  I would gladly use Matt again either to find me a new contract placement or when looking for contractors to work for me.

Heidi Horman MBCS

QA Programme and Test Manager

As a contractor, one often thinks of recruiters as a means to an end.  At best they are an intermittent source of work, at worst they are a source of plethora phone calls about jobs they don't even have on their books.  You know the sort - the ones that don't even bother to talk to you if your application does not get immediate interest.  Matt certainly is not one of those recruiters.  He actually cares about the potential employees as much as he does the clients (sometimes more so).  He has gone above the call of duty so many times that I consider him a friend.  He has, on numerous occasions, been a one man HR department, listening ear and the best evangelist for my skills I could hope for.  A recruiting superhero!  Every single time I need a new contract, I ring Matt first out of loyalty and confidence that he will move heaven and hell to place me.  So should you.

Kevin McCarthy