Recruitment is a problem of perception!!!


Why is recruitment associated with harassment rather than potential hiring opportunities? The ideology of recruitment agencies is often linked to cold calls, which results in many individuals avoiding the call or putting the phone down ASAP. Those who are open to listening put themselves in a position of finding a new job. However, the result of this isn’t always immediate, but instead could come weeks, months or even years later, which again can attach a negative stigma as an agency isn’t instantaneously delivering as expected.

It is important to remember that recruiters are constantly qualifying new vacancies and of these there is only ever going to be a few which matches both your expectations and experience. Therefore, I endeavour to speak with every possible candidate in my vertical marketing. From that first call I delve deep into exactly what each individual is looking for in their next role going well beyond just “a salary increase”.

“Are you looking for a better work/life balance? Career progression opportunities? A better suited work environment? Less of a commute?”

By understanding what is truly important to a candidate I can present roles that ticks the right boxes and pushes flexibility on the things that are less important to them.

“This role is a bit below your ideal salary but will reduce your commute time by 45mins each way giving you precious time you have been missing out on with your young family.

I have the opportunity to make a real impact on people’s lives and I apply this mindset to my work daily. I work closely with candidates to present only the most appropriate roles to them, and if this happens to take 6 months to do so I know at least this will then be their dream job.

As a Recruitment Consultant I have had so many candidates share their career journey’s, and a common reoccurrence is the regret of passing up of new job ventures. Often this has been down to fears of moving, being pressured into staying, or not having the right package presented. With the support of an industry professional all these things could easily have been overcome, so why not use a Recruiters free service? A cold call should be perceived as a prospect as opposed to a nuisance.

If you have spent 5 years in a role which you don’t enjoy, I intend to make the next 5 years much better. It may be a day, a week or even a month until I find such position, but when I intend to present an opportunity that meets your personal requirements and expectations.

Another reason people give to cut calls short is “I’m currently happy with my employment”. This is something I like to hear because I want people to be happy in their job, however tomorrow is a different day and you never know what is around the corner. There may be changes at your current place of work, or you’re your dream job suddenly becomes available.

When people are happy, I want to find out; what it is making them so content? Is there anything you would change in the future? Where do you see yourself progressing? As these are all questions that help me potentially better what they have in the future.

To conclude you ultimately have nothing to lose speaking with a Recruiter but could gain so much more. Not necessarily straight away, but you never know what opportunity we will qualify next. As a candidate you are always in the driving seat and have full control of the final outcome, but you’re never going to find the perfect car without test driving a few first.