Recruitment Reality Check #2


Recruitment Reality Check #2


Pragmatic advice and helpful analogies based on 10 years in recruitment by David Clark 


'My strategy is to win the lottery'


Over the years I have been amazed at how many senior professionals in both Finance and HR (and at the level where strategy is most, if not all of the job) drop kick their brains out of the nearest window when thinking about how to hire.

This is strategy versus thinking.


A classic example:

'One of our middle managers has handed in their notice and we didn't realise they were only a on 4 week notice period.

We need the replacement to have the very best financial training, communication skills, industry knowledge and commercial acumen but we won't consider anyone unless they are available within a week.  We may look at longer notice periods later on if we can't find anyone.'


So, these high performing candidates are sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle in abundance waiting for you to call are they?


And on top of that, they aren't speaking to anyone else about any other prospects that might be equally or more interesting than yours?


The point that will frustrate most tasked with finding these people (yes plural, because when you do produce the hen's tooth, there'll be a request for a few more to compare) will be that these businesses will have no doubt recently experienced a bidding battle to secure their last permanent hire - so why is this suddenly being selectively forgotten?


It's fingers in the ears 'La la la, I'm not listening' is what it is.


Don't get me wrong though!

I will look for that needle in the haystack for you because it solves everyone's problem quickly; those who have just that day landed in the country from a travelling sabbatical but before they have picked up the phone to a recruiter, or maybe the ones who have started a job and within a week realised the role was mis-sold, or those who had been made redundant that day but from a business small enough to drop below the press' radar......


....but it's not going to take long and it is not a's wishful thinking.

It's 'Dave, our strategy is to a roll a 6.'

Well we've rolled a 4....what happens now?


This is a strategy, and one I'm pleased to say the majority of my clients come to me with;


Our middle manager has handed in their notice with 4 weeks to go before they leave.  We need you to find a professional contractor to start this week to extract as much knowledge from the individual as possible before they go.  At the same time, we are going to kick off a permanent recruitment process to access the largest part of the market for high performers as doing this now will reduce the spend on our interim (who will then hand over to our permanent appointee).


There have only been a few one liner analogies so here are a few more:

'I want to be a premiership footballer so I'm only going to accept offers from premiership clubs.'

'I really want to be rich so I'm going to win the lottery.'

'I'll be fine, I'll just swim around the sharks.'


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